Oris Flight Style Strong Return

ORIS Ambri Fly-In 2013 shows flying style
150 aircraft, 30 ° C high temperature, and a professional watch brand, creating another great event in the history of flight.

 After six years of suspension of Ambri Fly-In air flight activities, for the first time, ORIS sponsored a strong return. The event was held at the Ambri Airport, south of Gotthard Pass, Switzerland, from June 15 to 16, 2013. It attracted more than 150 aircraft and 6,000 spectators to participate in this event.

During the ORIS Ambri Fly-In event, more than 150 aircraft gathered at the Ambri Airport, south of the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland, and the scene was lively.

 In the magnificent scenery of the Swiss Alps, many well-known flight teams such as Swiss Hunter Team and PC3 Flyers flew the aircraft and passed by over 6,000 people at close range. On the day of the event, Ambri Airport turned into a treasure display, this former military base displays rare aircraft such as Hawker Hunter, De Havilland Vampire Trainer, Yakovlev Yak 52, Pilatus P3, Pilatus PC-7, Antonov and more. Many visitors took the opportunity to experience and observe the flight operations of Antonov, Hawker Hunter, or PC-7 aircraft. Along with the sunny weather and the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps, flying enthusiasts have experienced a lot of surprises.

 More than 6,000 spectators watched the plane take off and land on the airport runway.

 Hawker Hunter, sponsored by ORIS, soars in Ambri Fly-In.

 ORIS, a century-old Swiss watchmaking brand, has a long history with aviation, and one of ORIS’s series has a special theme of flying. In addition to the long-term partnership with the Swiss Hunter Team, this sponsored Ambri Fly-In event clearly demonstrates ORIS ‘support for aviation flights.