It Is A Watch And An Artistic Creation Kunlun Watch Corum 浪 浪 Watch

Kunlun Watch CORUM launched a new limited edition of the coin watch series: Wanderer Watch. Stray coins have witnessed a kind of folk art created by homeless people. Today, the talented and unique artist Alexei. Aleksey Saburov made his return. The so-called stray currency was once the currency of the poor, based on the five-cent nickel coin issued before the Great Depression.

Kunlun collaborated with artist Aleksey Saburov to carve five-cent nickel coins circulating in the United States in the early 20th century into exquisite patterns and transform them into watches, recreating the early history of stray coins in watch creation.

Its value is negligible, and even homeless people have to reprocess it to get a small profit from it. This is the origin of the name ‘Hobo coins’. Since the transformation of the small denomination coin minted in the United States in 1913, it has witnessed a history of soft wandering and hope, creativity and folk craftsmanship. Stray coins are masterpieces of migrant workers who travel across the continent with freight trains, soldiers heading to the front lines of World War I, and penniless artists who pursue the ethereal American dream.
At present, pure stray coins are extremely rare. Since 1992, the independent association, the Original Hobo Nickel Society, has firmly defended this historical heritage, and is committed to protecting this kind of folk art from the critical period of American and world history before the 1929 crash. Independent artist Alexei. Sabrov promoted the revival of this historical art form. The Russian sculptor who settled in New York produced the stray coins of the 21st century, ingeniously interpreting folk drawings, legends, deities and beliefs, based on real 5 cent coins at the beginning of the century, creating a veritable masterpiece of unique carving art.

Wanderer Watch

925 sterling silver material / CO 082 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / hand-engraved faceplate / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 10 meters / diameter 43mm
Each stray coin is completely carved by hand and is unique. Alexei. Sabrov created novel and unique patterns for the brand, used as the face plate of 43 mm diameter watches, and equipped with a self-made automatic mechanical movement. The unique timepiece of this new ‘Coin’ watch series will be paired with a denim strap for the first time. The grey-blue tone matches the silver case and the crown decorated with a sapphire.

Yan Hao Is Also A Practical Watch, Conquered At A Glance

As Blancpain’s most classic series, the name of Villeret can be traced back to the birthplace of the brand, the village of Villeret. Pure lines, clear dials and slender double-bezel-type cases, coupled with craftsmanship and timeless elegance, make this series of watches full of distinctive personality. In 2018, Blancpain added a masterpiece to the classic series, introducing a full-calendar moonphase red gold watch. Since Blancpain launched the two-time full-calendar watch for the first time in 2002, it has laid down its iconic functions and style. The new model launched in 2018 retains the original aesthetics, and has in-depth interpretation of the practical functions of the two phases of the full-calendar moon phase, which has become a classic. Next, let’s take a look at Blancpain’s 2018 full-calendar moon phase red gold watch. (Watch model: 6676-3642-55B)

   In this complication watch, Blancpain retains the iconic design of the full-calendar moon phase watch, such as snake hands, moon phase window, etc., and integrates the practical functions of the two places (GMT), making this classic Watches are among the ranks of complication watches. Not only that, this watch also uses Blancpain’s recent research achievements in the field of movement making, such as hidden regulators under the lugs, calendar and moon phase protection, excellent power reserve function, and so on.

Watch real shot

    The watch has a diameter of 40 mm and the case is made of 18K red gold. It is polished and polished to give it a warm and elegant color, which exactly matches the timeless style of the watch. The classic double bezel is extremely recognizable and presents a round and full arc.

    The natural connection between the lugs and the case makes the watch fit the wrist more ergonomically.

   The crown at 3 o’clock has a pit pattern for easy grip and time adjustment. At the same time, the crown is engraved with ‘B’ to highlight the brand logo. Through the crown, we can quickly adjust the local time, each time the unit is one hour.

    The white dial is decorated with gold-toned Roman numerals and two hour-minute hands with willow-shaped cutouts. Below the 12 o’clock position is the week and month display window, and above the 6 o’clock position is the moon phase display panel, which adds a poetic touch to the watch.

    The red-tipped hands show the time in the second time zone of the hometown, the blue steel snake-shaped hands indicate the date scale on the inner circle of the dial, and the day and month display window at 12 o’clock constitutes a full calendar system. The dials are arranged neatly and neatly. Although they display multiple functions, they can clearly read the time information.

    The watch uses a brown alligator leather strap lined with alzavel calf leather, with a folding buckle, which echoes the elegant and noble style of the watch, highlighting the brand’s overall aesthetic style.

   This watch uses Blancpain’s self-produced movement, which is equipped with a safe and reliable silicon hairspring, which guarantees the watch’s excellent performance in antimagnetic and high precision, and can provide a power reserve of 72 hours. Through the transparent case back, the appearance of the movement suddenly appeared, and the gold rotor with the Blancpain logo engraved was very exquisite. The brand-specific hidden adjustment button is located on the lug, and you can set the full calendar and moon phase display with just your fingertips. This exclusive design guarantees the smooth and rounded line aesthetics of the outer edge of the case, reducing the burdensome burden.

In summary: elegant and noble, these two words are appropriate on Blancpain’s full calendar moon phase red gold watch. Elegant appearance design, and a variety of daily practical functions blessing, to create an elegant image for modern men. In addition, Blancpain Villeret classic series 2018 full-calendar moon phase models and stainless steel models can be selected to meet different needs of table friends. Reference price: 203,000 (picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Precise Timing Tasting Treasure Qilai Malilong Flyback Chronograph

The Marly Dragon series is the masterpiece of Breguet’s timeless temperament. Its chronograph style is dynamic and elegant. On 2016 baselworld, Bucherer launched a new chronograph, which not only has accurate chronograph function, but also equipped the watch with exquisite flyback chronograph function. Today’s Watch House brings you this Bucherer flyback chronograph, official model: 00.10919.03.13.01.

   In addition to the accurate chronograph function, this Bucherer Marie Long flyback chronograph is equipped with a unique gear assembly to control the exquisite flyback chronograph function, making the picture of the chronograph function more pleasing to the eye.

Bucherer Marly Dragon 00.10919.03.13.01 watch

   This watch has a charming round case in rose gold, and its silver dial is equipped with ordinary timekeeping and chronograph functions, using rose gold hands and hour markers. The watch is fitted with an elegant brown alligator leather strap. The design is subtle and elegant.

Round timing button and crown for easy pressing or holding

   The side of the case is equipped with two chronograph buttons and a crown. The chronograph buttons on the upper and lower sides are cylindrical for easy pressing; the side of the middle crown is decorated with pit patterns for easy grasping, and the top is decorated with Bucherer. Sign.

Elegant brown leather belt with reasonable cut

   The watch is stitched with brown stitching, with fine stitching and a reasonably cut brown strap. The strap is elegant and generous, with natural and beautiful decoration. There is a buckle on the strap.

Rose gold case with smooth surface and smooth lines

   The watch’s case has beautiful lines, and the sides show a beautiful and smooth streamline; the surface of the case has been polished to give it a luster and sparkle in golden red. The watch’s bezel and case are layered, giving the case a more dynamic look.

Clearly structured and ingenious dial arrangement

   The dial is meticulously crafted. The high-quality silver dial is set with 10 gold or steel three-dimensional hour indexes, which are respectively matched with rose gold or steel. The sword-shaped hour and minute hands and the bar-shaped chronograph hands for the Marion series are also the same. Material matching. Another feature is that the dial design is simple and neat. The small seconds at 9 o’clock and the minute timer at 3 o’clock. The two micro-concave timers have a well-balanced layout. With the speedometer scale on the edge of the dial, the levels are clear and elegant.

Swirl-shaped chronograph minute dial

   The small dial at the three o’clock position of the watch is a 30-minute chronograph dial. The small dial is indicated by Arabic numerals and scales and a needle-type hand, and is controlled by a chronograph button on the side of the case. The small dial is decorated with vortex patterns, which looks very delicate.

Nine o’clock small seconds dial with clear scale and flexible pointer

   The small dial at 9 o’clock is a small seconds dial, with a vortex pattern on the dial surface, with a bar shape and Arabic numerals on the outer edge, and a hollow sword-shaped hand placed in the middle. This small dial is a chronograph second.

Polished curved lugs exquisitely shaped

   The lugs of the watch are curved, which is not only beautiful, but also makes the watch fit more closely with the wrist. The lugs and case are integrally cast, and they are also carefully polished.

Easy pin buckle opening and closing, easy to wear

   The pin buckle placed on the strap is made of rose gold, which echoes the case; the surface of the buckle is polished and very smooth, with the Bucherer logo engraved on it. The buckle is easy to open and close, and it is not easy to open it by yourself.

The watch movement can be seen through the case back

   The Malilong flyback chronograph is equipped with a CFB A1970 self-winding movement. This movement is equipped with a gear assembly that controls the flyback chronograph function, allowing the movement to execute multiple timing programs in rapid succession. Flyback timing refers to the time when the watch owner presses the zero reset button during a timing program. The dynamics of the hands: When the time pointer resets to zero, the timekeeping system is still operating. When the watch owner releases the zero reset button, the timekeeping hands Launch another timing program in real time, and start another timing program in two simple steps. Generally, a chronograph has three steps: stop timing, reset to zero and start.

Summary: The watch uses elegant rose gold to create a chronograph movement with excellent performance, and the dial designed with ingenuity is elegant and generous, showing the beauty. The carefully treated case and lugs are meticulous, adding elegance to the watch. This flyback chronograph demonstrates elegance in the movement, showing the timeless temperament of the Maliron series.

Analysis Of China’s Watch Production Situation From January To May 2012

China is the first country to invent a timepiece in the world, and it is also the first country to invent a clock in the world. With the continuous development of the domestic watch industry, major manufacturers, while striving to expand the brand road, continue to increase product research and development, and look for the style and cultural characteristics of its own brand from the source of the product. After decades of development, China’s watch industry has experienced the development process of material assembly, appearance parts manufacturing, product development, and brand creation. At present, it has formed a complete supporting watch manufacturing industry. All spare parts except high-end movements can be used. Processing. According to the ‘2012-2016 China Watch Industry Research and Investment Value Analysis Report’ data released by China Business Information Network: from January to May 2012, the national clock production reached 69.32 million, an increase of 0.36% year-on-year. In May, China produced 16.7163 million clocks, a year-on-year increase of 15.96%.
     From the perspective of the output of various provinces and cities, from January to May 2012, the output of Fujian bells reached 41.712 million, an increase of 9.19% year-on-year, accounting for 60.21% of the total national output. It is followed by Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong, accounting for 35.61%, 2.04%, and 1.60% of the total output, respectively.
     From the perspective of regional structure, the country has formed six major watch production areas in the Pearl River Delta region, led by Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Tianjin. From the perspective of output, China has become a world watch production country. Watch production ranks first in the world.
     According to the data from the 2012-2016 China Watch Industry Survey and Investment Value Analysis Report released by China Business Information Network: from January to May 2012, the national watch production reached 60.09 million, an increase of 16.55% year-on-year. In May, China produced 13.8462 million watches, a year-on-year increase of 21.01%.
     Watches and clocks is a traditional advantage industry in Shenzhen. After nearly 30 years of development, Shenzhen has become China’s largest watch and clock production and export base. Shenzhen clocks and watches account for 40% of the world’s output and 60% of the country’s exports. From the perspective of the output of various provinces and cities, from January to May 2012, the output of Guangdong watches reached 48.39 million, an increase of 11.18% year-on-year, accounting for 80.53% of the total national output. It is followed by provinces and municipalities such as Fujian, Tianjin and Shandong.
    In order to improve the international competitiveness of China’s watch industry, in recent years, domestic watch companies have accelerated their transformation. The company has gradually shifted from the past generation of processing and wholesale and retail to the development of its own brand. At the same time, it has invested in shaping and promoting the brand with a stronger development momentum. Seeking higher added value of products and brands, and achieved gratifying results. The ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ period is an important transition period for the development of the watch industry in China. It is necessary to transition from a quantity-led model as soon as possible to a new development stage that focuses on improving product quality, grade and efficiency. Through industrial upgrading, the horological structure of the watch industry is gradually rationalized and advanced to meet market demand. In the division of labor system of the world’s watch industry, the comparative advantage in international competition is transformed into a competitive advantage, the production is shifted from the low end to the high end of the industrial value chain, China’s position in the world’s watch industry system is improved, and a durable international Competitiveness.

Hamilton Aviation Series National Tour Exhibition Shanghai Station Opens

On February 15, 2011, Hamilton, who has a history of 100 years, launched the national tour exhibition of aviation series watches in Shanghai Station at Shanghai Ganghui Plaza. The on-site display of the special tour transported from Switzerland 1: 1 Hamilton aerobatic aircraft model made the guests and audiences feasting, and the latest aviation watch in 2011, once again embodies the perfect combination of Hamilton’s free personality and excellent craftsmanship.

Founded in 1892 in Hamilton, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, it is currently a member of the world’s largest watchmaker and distributor group. Because of its combination of strong American spirit and unparalleled accuracy, as well as the most advanced Swiss winding movement and technology, it has become one of the leading watch brands in the world. Because of its deep roots with many well-known Hollywood movies, it has become a favorite watch in the minds of many people.

Hanbiao has a long history of aviation. In the 1920s, Hamilton became a prestigious U.S. military watch supplier, and with its accuracy and stability became the designated timer for major U.S. airlines, the first direct east-west coast flight in the United States. ‘New York -Los Angeles & rdquo; time.

In the 1940s, during the Second World War, Hamilton stopped the manufacture of civilian watches, focusing on the production of special watches for the United States Army, Air Force, and Air Force. During World War II, a total of 1 million watches were provided to the US military as timing tools Among them are many aviation instruments and watches with stable performance and excellent functions. The Hamilton “Pilot” series continues the simplicity and texture of aviation military watches of that year, giving people the most realistic image of aviation military watches-powerful and reliable, and bringing the pride of combating the sky to the square inch of the wrist. .
Today, as one of the sponsors of ‘Red Bull Racing Flight’ worldwide, Hamilton frequently participates in flight competitions and air shows. Just like the ‘Aeronautical Series’ design with a bold personality and a spirit of freedom, the orange-red plane with the Hamilton logo repeatedly draws amazing flight trajectories over the Red Bull Racing Flight.

Starting from the world’s first “Khaki X-wind Khaki Beyond Wind Speed” with the “yaw angle calculation” function, Hamilton has launched products such as “Khaki X-copter, Khaki Helicopters”, and “Khaki X-mach, khaki transcends the speed of sound & rdquo; Khaki X-landing, khaki landing & rdquo; and dozens of aviation theme series, will be easy to read, large size, extended strap, antimagnetic and other traditional aviation watch elements and ldquo; The maximum lifting weight & rdquo ;, & ldquo; landing starting point calculation & rdquo; practical and professional aviation functions are perfectly combined, which brings passionate choices to people who seek freedom and individuality.

Hermes Arceau Lift Chevaux En Camouflage Watch

In the world of Hermès Hermès, ingenuity, gentle rhythm, time slowly slipping away. The craftsman combines all kinds of preciousness and requires strict craftsmanship to create unique works. The birth of the Arceau Lift Chevaux en camouflage is no exception. The watch is available in two limited edition collections of 24 pieces, combining the design of the flying tourbillon and the cloisonné enamel technology developed by Hermès. The dial pattern is inspired by the Hermes silk scarf: Chevaux en camouflage.

 The enamel painting workshop displays hard-working and meticulous handicrafts every day. The artisan first sketched the outlines of the horses on paper and drew sketches as the basis for fine gold threads. The canvas is a gold dial, and craftsmen carefully place gold threads on it, marking the enamel painted surface. Then, according to the unique style of the watch, he prepared color palettes, which are blue and brown, respectively. The situation is similar to that of oil painters.

 The artisan uses the tip of the pen to paint with flicking strokes, creating a dance of light and a layer of tones. After repeated firing at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, the subtle depth gradually emerges, which is subtle and beautiful. On the frame of a white or rose gold case, Mercedes’ horses are full of vitality.

 The array of glass, real gold and flames ended at a show demonstrating mechanical beauty. In the H1923 movement developed by Hermès, the flying tourbillon easily rotates inside the frame, and the top of the frame is decorated with a double H logo, evoking the antique elevator design of the main store at 24 Saint-Fervois Boulevard in Paris, which is full of historical significance.

 The Arceau Lift Chevaux en camouflage watch brings together watchmaking and filigree enamel to show the extraordinary craftsmanship of mankind. The watch is paired with a leather strap and delicate saddle stitching, in keeping with Hermès’ origins.

Poetic And Picturesque Design Van Cleef & Arpels Interpretation Of Extraordinary Creativity

Van Cleef & Arpels is a century-old jewellery brand. In the world of jewellery, it does not represent the pearly jewels of general significance, but the lofty French temperament. In the eyes of VanCleef & Arpels, time is a manifestation of poetry. Now Van Cleef & Arpels reinterprets the jewellery and diamond setting technique on the watch, making the timing more elegant, romantic, and full of poetic painting, making each Each watch is infected with Parisian art. Below, the Watch House takes you into this poetic and artistic design.
 Dancing in the four seasons, full of vitality
  Butterflies are colorful and colorful. Dancing in the leaf gap between flowers and springs by the stream, dotted with picturesque nature. According to legend, in the ancient Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, our great thinker Zhuang Zhou dreamed that he would become a beautiful butterfly, dancing and dancing in the flowers. Waking up with deep sleep, he was surprised to find that he was still Zhuang Zhou. Thinking back to the sweet dreams, I don’t know if the butterfly has become itself or it has become a butterfly. Thus, this eternally controversial story; the butterfly of Zhuang Monday Dream has confirmed together: the harmonious coexistence of human and nature is the philosophy of the symbiosis of all things. Today, cleverly conceived watch brands have also applied butterflies to their watches, allowing you to witness this beautiful and harmonious natural landscape on your watches.

  This Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch has a 38 mm diameter, and the large dial provides enough display space for the internal picture. Most of the dial is an ancient tree, which is very lush and foreshadows a vibrant nature.
  This tree is not like people think. Instead of using pure green color, it uses some color transitions. From faint yellow to faint cyan to emerald green, this evolving color is like a tree that has gone through four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, giving people a sense of time interlacing.

  With the help of the watch’s dual retrograde movement, on the mother-of-pearl lacquer dial, a butterfly is used to indicate the hour and another butterfly is used to indicate the minute. Two pairs of wings fluttering, one large and one small, like four beautiful small fans. The two butterflies are purple and blue, both of which have meaning. Purple is the shortest visible light wave. It is beautiful and mysterious. It is impressive. It is both threatening and encouraging. Blue is a symbol of eternity, it is the coldest color. Pure blue expresses a beauty, quietness, reason, serenity and cleanliness. At the turning moment of time, two butterflies surround the forest tree, and the constant encounters are separated and met, showing gracefully the dancing posture. The large black background gives people unlimited reveries and creates a mysterious atmosphere. The white gold diamond-studded case shines brightly, showing the most dazzling luster on the wrist.
 邂逅 Paris, sweet lovers
  Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication series VCARN9VI00 watch shows us a beautiful relationship, Paris itself is a country with a romantic atmosphere, classic and magnificent architecture, pedestrians on the banks of the Seine, a touch of fruity wine … When I think of a scene, it makes people have a sense of endlessness. This watch makes us have a better yearning for sweet love.

  If you were lucky to have lived in Paris when you were young, she will be with you wherever you go in your life. because
Paris is a fluid feast.
                                        —— [Beautiful] Hemingway

  At this moment, Van Cleef & Arpels has moved such a romantic scene into the watch, which is really amazing. The surface of the plate is decorated with enamel art that requires a high level of craftsmanship, creating a romantic midnight scene. It vividly reproduces the tranquil night scene. A curved moon is dotted with several blinking stars. A peaceful scene appeared on the night. At this time of night, a couple met at the Kongqiao, the watchmaker was very detailed, not only the bridge is very sculpted, like the fence and trees under the background are perfectly reproduced on the watch, it is difficult Imagine how this great craftsmanship can be accomplished on such a small dial. These are the atmosphere created for the appearance of the protagonist, moonlight, night, and a curved arch bridge.

  The most beautiful part of the watch is the encounter between men and women. The clock part of the watch is indicated by the woman on the left side of the watch, and the minute part is indicated by the man on the right. Rose, one frame every hour, after each time slipping away, they will take a step closer to each other, and finally kiss each other at 11:55 minutes, the duration is 5 minutes, and then return to the origin and continue to each other. In order to realize such a concept, it is equipped with a Swiss self-winding movement of the Jaeger-LeCoultre-type 846 movement, and is also equipped with a module developed for the brand. It uses two sets of retrograde modules. Jump form to achieve aesthetic mood. This is the result of the brand’s capture of the mysterious time, and the embodiment of the brand’s romantic atmosphere, showing us the fairy tale of the moonlight. It’s like a real date for a night, but also a dream.
 Mysterious sky
  The night sky has been full of reverie since ancient times. How much mystery and unknown are hidden under the distant, mysterious black giant screen? People in ancient times looked at the stars and knew the sky, and those who liked to explore the night sky and the universe knew the story, positioning and meaning of each star. Today, Van Cleef & Arpels is innovating once again, displaying it on the wrist, so that the wearer is full of eyes.

  The MidnightNuit Boréale watch draws inspiration from the Greek gods and strange beasts and presents a glorious ode to the northern hemisphere. The dragon gazed at the golden fleece; Zeus, who was a swan, was about to seduce Leda; the arrogant and beautiful silhouette of the queen Casio Pea, imprisoned on her throne. Finally, the fairy Calisto and her son Arcas turned into big and little cubs in Hera’s jealousy. The description of each character or animal seems very simple, but it contains the rigorous thinking of the designer’s ideas and drawings.

  The MidnightNuitAustrale watch with the theme of the southern hemisphere night sky is a tribute to scientists and navigators of the 16th to 18th centuries. The swordfish and cuckoo galaxies on the watch reflect the strokes of the Amsterdam astronomer and cartographer PetrusPlancius; the telescope and the image of the southern constellation including the base, stern and sail are from French astronomy Home NicolasLouisdeLacaille.
 Phoenix Nirvana, reborn
  Nature is an all-encompassing treasure chest with strange animals, plants of various shapes, and very different landscapes. Economists study their economic value, archaeologists study their history, and designers study their history. Aesthetic Value. Each animal symbolizes the reproduction of a race. Over time and culture, many animals have also given people ideals. As a result, many animal elements have gradually been used in watches. Phoenix symbolizes life, vitality and passion. This watch gives us more surprises.

  VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels combines a number of traditional craftsmanship, giving the dial a mysterious hue like a deep sky and the symbolic power of magic stars. First, the fine engraving and carving techniques are used to create a gorgeous relief pattern on the surface of fine gold, and then the dial is plated with gorgeous colors using the filling and hilly enamel. The flying attitude of the Phoenix is ​​as light as the silk gauze floating in the air, with clear and sweet singing and colorful feathers. This background is like a dark red flame, and a beautiful phoenix appears under the catalysis of the hot flame. The plume of Phoenix is ​​gorgeously swirling, blooming in a delicate and warm color, changing from tender yellow to orange red, and the tail is trailing a brilliant light. A circle of gorgeous diamonds witnessed this sacred moment. The bottom case of each watch is engraved with a theme image of the corresponding dial and the Latin name of the corresponding constellation.

  In addition to the watches described in detail above, Van Cleef & Arpels also has many uniquely designed watches, whether it is the starry sky, animals, birds, flowers or other elements, each watch is a masterpiece of the watchmaking masters, each Every idea has its ingenious source. Every innovation makes the world know Van Cleef & Arpels more and make the brand’s brilliance even more dazzling. A small step in appearance is a big step in the change of internal structure.
Summary: The ordinary timepiece just completes the simple timing process, and many people like simple physical objects, but when the ordinary has been perfected, the combination of more artistic elements is also a kind of creativity and progress. Further success. In the process of timepieces, one more emotion and appreciation is also a joy of life. (Watch home map / Wen Li Shuai)

The Aviator: Designed For Pilots And Loved By Pilots

Aviator is a watch designed and developed by Yeslam Bin Ladin. He is very rare. No matter it is designed or functional, it reflects reliability and accuracy everywhere. Professional pilots and connoisseurs of fine watches will appreciate his practical comfort and sporty appearance.

Recently, Yeslam’s enthusiasm for flying and aircraft inspired him to develop Aviator, an innovative watch that reads true air speed from the scale on the bezel.
Yeslam boutiques are located in Geneva, Switzerland and in several cities in Saudi Arabia. Now he has expanded to the United Kingdom, and he can also see several special display cabinets of Yeslam in the Sheraton Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge.
Source: Yeslam
[email protected]

The New Portuguese Chronograph Watch From Iwc Is On Sale At The 2017 Watch Fair.

Adhering to the design of the legendary IWC watch in the 1930s, the classic Portuguese chronograph watch is timeless and beautiful. With its outstanding appearance and precise inner core, IWC Portugal is famous for its distance. Recently, we visited IWC in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza and found that a well-designed new Portuguese chronograph watch is being sold in the cabinet. The watch was released in May this year. On the gradient blue dial, the balanced style of the series is presented. Let’s take a look together:

Watch model: IW390303

   Compared with the earlier 3904 model, this watch is more simple and elegant. The minute scale circle was cut to make the dial more concise. The unique ‘railway’ shape of the watch, while giving the watch a full view, also gives it a high degree of time recognition. The 12 o’clock position is an accumulator combined with the hour and minute counters, which contrasts with the small second hand at 6 o’clock, highlighting the full functionality of this watch.

   42 mm stainless steel case

IWC 89361 movement
   Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, you can see the appearance of the movement. Supports various practical functions such as date display, timing, flyback / reverse. Power reserve reaches 68 hours.

Black alligator strap with stainless steel folding clasp

In summary: the red gold version of this watch is also on the stand. In addition, according to the clerk’s introduction, this year’s Da Vinci series new products have arrived in the store, plus a lot of 2016 pilot classic models and engineer series watches, at this time the watches in the specialty store can be considered a relatively During the complete period, if you like IWC or a table friend who has recently planned to buy, you may wish to check it out.
More details:
   This quotation was collected on July 19, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: IWC Stores
[Dealer Address]: No. A102, First Floor, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-8518 6251 Please call us as a “watch home” user

Longe (A.Lange & Söhne) 2012 Ferdinando Adolf Lange Outstanding Watchmaking Awards Revealed

On December 6, 2012, Lange presented the 2012 Ferdinando Adolf Lange Award for Outstanding Watchmaking. This award has been held for the third time and it is the first time this award has appeared. Double runner-up. Bennie R.L. Hernandez (age 24) from Texas and Daniel Neugebauer (age 29) from Munich each received a prize of 5,000 euros for their calendar devices. Company founders Walter Langer and Langer Chief Executive Wilhelm Schmid presented the two young watchmakers at a media event in Dresden.

  Of the 36 watchmaking colleges invited to participate in the competition worldwide, eight young watchmakers from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, the United States and the Netherlands stood out and qualified to participate in the competition. In the last summer, they The Lange Watchmaking Institute recognized the design and craftsmanship of this Saxony watch factory. On the last day, the conference announced the tasks of the competition. The participants had four months to design and manufacture based on an ETA6498 movement. A calendar display.

Winning entries: Flyback calendar by Daniel Neugebauer (top) and rotating calendar by Bennie R.L.Hernandez (bottom)

  Seven contestants submitted their works to five judges in November. In addition to Walter Lange and Anthony de Haas, Lange Product Development Director, the jury also included watch reporters Gisbert L. Brunner and Peter Braun, and Peter Plassmeyer, director of the Mathematical and Logistics Exhibition Hall in Dresden. The criteria for evaluating works are the innovative and original, functional, technical quality, craftsmanship and artistic performance of the work’s conception.

   Since there were no clear winners in all the criteria, the jury decided to double the runners-up to the two competitors whose originality in design and the pursuit of detail were relatively outstanding.

List of all entries

Langer CEO Wilhelm Schmid (first from left) and company founder Walter Langer (first from right) present awards to Daniel Neugebauer (next to Wilhelm Schmid) and Bennie RL Hernandez (next to Walter Lange)- **