Palmazzoni Awarded Sarah Kay The ‘outstanding Woman’ Honor Title

Sarah Kai is to art, just like ‘high fashion’ to clothing-bold vision, talented insight, outstanding ability.
   As a child, Sara Kay was often taken to the Guggenheim Museum by her artist mother, where she spent a lot of happy time, and it became her second home. Her initial interest was architecture, but she gradually fell in love with art and eventually became a painting expert. After five years at Christie’s, she was hired by renowned art dealer Jan Krugier to manage his Fine Art department in the New York Museum of Art. There, she was responsible for projects such as the Marina Picasso’s collection and Mr. Krugier’s personal collection. She then spent some time in London, working as a sales director at the prestigious White Cube Contemporary Art Gallery. Since then, she has begun to travel frequently between New York and London. Sarah Kay now has her own company, which showcases contemporary artists’ works, curates various exhibitions, and conducts private sales of historical art. With her extensive experience, Sara Kay founded and serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Professional Women’s Organization (POWarts) in the art world. The establishment of this organization defended women’s position and role in the field of visual arts. Following its success in the United States, POWarts intends to expand its reach to Europe.
   Sara Kay focuses on women and art, and Parmigiani also considers these qualities to be precious. This shows that Sara Kay’s idea is extraordinary and unique, let alone his vision. With her professional knowledge and pure spirit and broad mind, she has been respected by her peers. Parmigiani is proud to be part of her ‘Outstanding Women’ family.
   The watch Sarah Kay chose to wear was the Tonda 1950 set with mother-of-pearl. This watch uses an ultra-thin automatic movement with the exclusive decoration unique to haute horlogerie, exquisite professional craftsmanship can be seen; the rose gold material shows the low-key elegance, the bezel is set with diamonds, and Sara Kay Can be described as a match made in heaven.