Raymond Weil Launches New Promotion Plan For 2012-2013

Raymond Weil Raymond Wey has always maintained close ties with the music industry, and its latest wave of publicity plans will showcase brand-inspired watch works. With the sound of music, these timepiece masterpieces are also in the halo Shone under the shroud.
    The new publicity program firmly connects the famous watch series launched by the brand with the music world. These watch names are often reminiscent of excellent opera masters, passionate history and outstanding musical works. Inspired by the brand, these names include: Parsifal, Nabucco, Champagne Maestro, Tango Tango and Jasmine.

Raymond Weil Publicity Plan for 2012-2013
    In this publicity plan, the brand conveyed the brand’s passion for watchmaking and art through these beautiful contrasting images of light and dark, and also used this image style to take photos to the famous Parisian Harcourt Studio. The work pays tribute to itself.
    In this new promotion, ‘Precision is my inspiration’-this is not just a fashionable slogan, it is the real theme of the brand, that is to find inspiration from the precision of the movement, just like any art Like masters, and of course watchmakers, they constantly strive for excellence.