Slim Lines Tasting Parmigiani Tonda 1950’s First Rose Gold Bracelet Watch

Parmigiani’s Tonda 1950 is the brand’s first ultra-thin watch, which fully demonstrates Parmigiani’s aesthetics. The slender and simple outline, two decorative lugs and a clear and harmonious proportion bring time to the fullest. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, the brand Parmigiani launched a new watch of its Tonda 1950 ultra-thin series. For the first time on a Tonda 1950 watch with a rose gold bracelet. Today, Watch House brings you one of the new Tonda 1950 watches.

   As we all know, since the launch of the Tonda 1950 in 2011, its watches have been paired with selected Hermes leather straps. And this time for the first time for the Tonda 1950 watch with a rose gold bracelet, the proportion of the bracelet specifically designed to show the model pure, slim lines, very good-looking.

   This watch (model: PFC267-1000300-B10002) uses a highly polished 18k rose gold case with a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of 7.8 mm. The brass dial is graphite-colored, which shows the calm side of men. The classic design of the small three-pin, with a rose gold bracelet, the overall feel is simple and elegant.

   The side of the case is polished and polished, and the beveled bezel with micro-arch looks smooth and round. The screw-in serrated titanium crown is comfortable to the touch, and the top of the polished crown is also engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani.

   Tonda 1950’s unique lug design, which feels like the nose pad of glasses, is exquisite and small, and it is also comfortable to wear. The 18k rose gold bracelet, the first link of the bracelet is designed to meet the theme: it perfectly matches the ultra-thin and slim appearance of the watch. Starting from the spacious space between the lugs, the closely-closed chain links narrowed three times in a row on both sides of the main body’s case until it finally exquisitely and elegantly extended straight to the buckle. This slender, lightweight bracelet is full of fashion, subtle and subtle in a low profile.

   The dial design of the small three-hand, the triangular scale hour markers and the classic Parmigiani triangle hour and minute hands are covered with luminous materials, and the overall style is simple and neat. Small seconds at 6 o’clock, classic Parmigiani logo at 12 o’clock. The graphite dial has a strong contrast, which makes the reading more clear and clear at a glance.

   The watch is equipped with a PF 701 self-winding mechanical movement. The thickness of the movement is only 2.6 mm. Its ultra-thin size benefits from the eccentric platinum micro-automatic oscillating weight located in the movement. The movement is well decorated. The German silver main plywood is sandblasted and polished with pearl dots, and then plated with rhodium. The bridge is sandblasted, patterned or decorated with Geneva waves, then manually chamfered, and finally rhodium plated. At the same time, each gear has been chamfered, grooved, and double-sided pearl dots polished before being cut, and then plated with gold. The final product has a gorgeous finishing effect.

   Summary: As an ultra-thin watch, its case thickness is 7.8mm and it is very slim. The previous Tonda 1950 ultra-thin watch was always paired with a leather strap from Hermès. Although comfortable and beautiful, it was not suitable for summer wear. Adding a rose gold bracelet to this series of watches for the first time also shows the pure, slim lines of the watch, exquisite and beautiful. It also adds new options for consumers.