Song Yongchun: Art Collection On The Wrist

Today, with the huge fluctuations in the traditional investment product market and the increasingly high threshold of the art market, stable and generous income watches are more and more like investment products. Although it has not been in the collection field for a long time, its short history has not weakened the value of watches and clocks as a work of art. At auctions in recent years, the transaction prices of watches and clocks have become higher and higher. No wonder some people say that choosing a good watch is better than choosing a good stock. Watch collection investment has become the citron of the moment. Today, the hands turning on the wrist are not just as simple as telling the time. It should be said that no luxury product can be used like a watch, with such a high usage rate and a solid appreciation space. Surveys conducted by professional research institutions show that high-end watches have become the most popular luxury items with a 34% market share, and are ahead of traditional luxury items such as jewelry (19%) and art (17%). The small size and high value of the watch make it easy to carry and save, and an expensive watch treasure can also be passed down from generation to generation.
‘time is money
     Over the past 20 years, the wave of watch collections has surpassed the wave. It is not difficult to see from the repeated high-priced transactions of major auction houses that more and more people are increasingly enthusiastic about watch collections. A small watch, tens of millions of dollars, this can not help but recall the old saying: time is money. I have to admit that watches are one of the most ecstatic items for men. Man’s enthusiasm for precision machinery seems to be innate. In business activities, the best expression of men’s taste and strength is the top brand dress watch. Perhaps because of this watch you wear, you have won the respect of your opponents, and it has become one of the secret weapons for successful negotiations.
     In 1868, PatekPhilippe watch factory produced the world’s first watch (wristwatch). With the technological update, the internal movement of the watch is constantly complicated, and the watchmakers have incorporated artistic elements into the watch, making this originally cold machine continue to emit a charming light, slowly attracting countless pairs of machinery For those who are interested, nowadays watches are not just people’s requirements for time, they have also become people’s status and status symbols, which have caused the attention of collectors. Collectible top-level watches have high-quality movements and classic shapes. Some discerning collectors and investors have begun to pay attention and quickly joined the ranks of collectible watches. Watches have become the new favorite in the collection industry.
Unique eyesight for collection
     With the enthusiastic pursuit of watch investment and driven by high profits, counterfeit watches came into being, and the emergence of counterfeit watches also brought huge risks to collections. As a collector, it is very rare to be able to grasp the fashion trends, styles and models of collectible watches. It is really difficult to distinguish the authenticity of watches, so Tibetan friends must be more careful. The most important thing for watch collection is to put it right. Buy watches from the perspective of wearing and appreciation. Do not invest blindly. Have a unique vision. Also determine your own collection direction. Focus on interest and supplement investment.
     Collecting art must be distinguished from pure investment speculation. It has more cultural flavor and personal hobbies and perceptions. This is especially important for watch collection. Of course, you must understand all aspects of watch knowledge, and it is also important to like it yourself.
The first step is to recognize your own economic strength and understand the price differences between different brands and styles. From tens of thousands to ten million yuan, there is a considerable distance in the price of watches in the field of collection.
The second step, with the approximate price level, you can find a few brands you like, or a style series, a special feature, or a specific topic. The choice is based on antique watches, or new watches, new watches with a small number or even discontinued production, whether to wear while collecting, or to invest in unopened.
     Experts remind beginners to be especially careful about tables with ‘story’, because it is often difficult to verify in this regard, it is easy to be fooled, and it is not easy to shoot. Professionals can usually only analyze an antique watch from the perspective of technology, authenticity and falseness. If it lacks the support of core elements, the value of collection is often questionable.
     In addition, the two purposes of collection and self-use must be clearly distinguished. If it is only for investment, it is best not to buy a new watch, because the value of the new watch can only be limited to very few brands, such as some limited edition models of Patek Philippe. Watch auctions have the opportunity to pan for gold, but first of all, you must buy what you like, not just for investment, but also purely for chasing fashion.
Watch maintenance
     As a non-stop and extremely complicated metal product, the watch also needs regular maintenance and maintenance, and the maintenance of famous watches is more particular. Collectors should know more professional maintenance knowledge. First of all, when the watch is stored for a long time, do not put it on. In a humid place to prevent rust or discoloration of the movement and dial. Second, keep away from televisions, radios, etc. to prevent magnetization. Camphor pills or sanitary balls may cause chemical changes with the lubricant in the movement, and cannot be stored with the watch. Furthermore, although most watches are water-resistant, it is definitely not good to be exposed to water for a long time. The watch is protected against cold water instead of hot water. After frequent expansion and contraction of the rubber ring inside the watch, the waterproof function will be greatly weakened.