Star-viewing And Pleasing Taste Of Astronomical Watch

The stars are shining at midnight, beautiful and romantic. The enchanting star map under the night, if it can be stored in a small piece of universe of the watch for viewing at any time, how pleasant it is. . Top watch brands Van Cleef & Arpels and Harriet Winston have successively launched the Midnight Astronomical Watches, which brings the joy of exploring the starry sky to the surface of the disk, and then a moving picture comes to mind … (Cleef & Arpels) Midnight in Paris watch
Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris hand-painted gold-dotted gold-gold dial on the Midnight in Paris dial recreates the map of Paris under the night. The turntable can rotate slightly with a 365-day cycle a year, no matter where the wearer is, he can bring you a small piece of Paris sky every day. The bottom of the watch is protected by a cover. After opening the cover, you can view the exquisite calendar surrounded by real meteorites at any time. You can also choose to view the starry sky on specific dates through the dial, such as important days such as the wearer’s birthday or wedding anniversary.
On the dial of Midnight in Paris, a hand-drawn gold-dotted gold-gold glass star map reproduces this dreamlike and magical mood. The subtle and deep round blue-blue Indian jade circular dial and the light blue crescent-shaped quartz dial complement each other, and the dazzling light connects them into an aesthetic whole. Don’t think that this is just a similar star map, it will move with the displacement of the constellation every year, the wearer only needs to look down to see the fascinating Paris starry sky.
Harry Winston Midnight Watch
Designed for men and women who insist on an elegant lifestyle, the new Harry Winston Midnight collection reflects the watchmaker’s focus on the elements through clearly identifiable design and unquestionable modernity, enhancing each A creative quality.
Harry Winston Midnight Automatic and Harry Winston Midnight Midnight Series Large Date Function Watches are also equipped with automatic movement, with date display at 6 o’clock .
Athens (Ulysse Nardin) Moonstruck moon fantasy watch
For centuries, humans have been attracted to the mystery of the night sky. The revolutionary astronomical watch of the Ulysse Nardin, the Moonstruck, was born and developed. The global tidal phenomenon caused by the gravitation of the moon and the sun is accurately displayed on Moonstruck. The alternation between the new moon and the full moon shown by its moon phases can still be accurately displayed in the next 100,000 years.
StrMoonstruck is a very useful travel equipment, this watch with a pointer calendar indicator and patented time zone quick adjustment device. Specially issued in red gold and platinum, its iconic hand-painted earth motif is suspended on the mother-of-pearl dial, leaving the eternal mark of the mother of the earth on this conquering timepiece.
IWC Portugal Sidérale Scafusia Watch
十年 After ten years of in-depth research, the Swiss watch brand IWC successfully equipped the watch with a solar day, a stellar day and an astronomical display. This watch combines a series of surprisingly complex devices with new technical features to highlight the extraordinary skills of the brand. In addition, the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is the most complicated watch creation in the history of IWC.

The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch not only has a striking dial, but its bottom engraved with the night sky and perpetual calendar is equally attractive. The perpetual calendar is displayed in a circular pattern, counting continuously from the first day (January 1) to the 365th day (December 31); the leap year displays the letters ‘LY’ and the number ‘366’.
The perpetual calendar is also connected to the edge of the case back, displaying the current time of the day, the time of the star, and the time of sunrise and sunset, and it is accompanied by a 24-hour arrow.
Finally, the night sky design in the center has a yellow engraved horizon, showing the location of the night sky chosen by the wearer. IWC’s engineers use the coordinates of individual positions to calculate the angle of the horizon, and then mechanically control the cams displayed at sunrise and sunset.
The wearer not only owns an extraordinary watch, but also chooses the stars to show the night sky in a specific geographical location. The background of the night sky is further equipped with polarizing filters, which are displayed in gray and blue at day and night respectively.