Swiss Radar’s New ‘silver Diamond’ Series Xi’an Dazzlely Debut

Mr. Xia Xiaochun, General Manager of Xi’an Branch of Hengli World Watch Center, Mr. Huang Yi, Mr. Liu Xiaoming, Vice President of Hengli World Watch Center, and Mr. Wan Zhifei, National Sales Director of Rado

 On September 6, in the Xi’an Hengli World Famous Watch Center, the internationally renowned high-end watch brand Swiss Rado watch held a new ‘Silver Diamond’ series of watch tour activities. In the elegant and passionate music, the model showed the noble and elegant new ‘Silver Diamond’ series and other classic watches. Miss Huang Yi, who has just attracted worldwide attention at the Venice Film Festival, also appeared at the event. Her elegant and fashionable temperament complements the radar watch. The tour will continue until September 14th, and will open a door of luxury for those who are interested in watch culture in the ancient capital of Xi’an.

 As a star product of the radar watch, the overall shape of the new ‘Silver Diamond’ series is smooth, like a flying arch, integrated with a barrel-shaped dial. It is not only comfortable to wear, warm and smooth, but also visually elegant and harmonious. The dial with gorgeous diamonds is the finishing touch of this series!

 Huang Yi wears a radar watch with silver and super diamonds

 In addition, the Radar V10K series, known as the ‘hardest watch in the world’, the ‘precision ceramics’ series that pioneered the material of watches, the ‘founding type’ series with a glorious legend, and the ‘monolithic ceramics’ known for its exquisite design The series also debuted and performed a beautiful watch art show for the audience.

 The Radar Xi’an Hengli Store reflects the high international standards in terms of design style and construction specifications. The spacious store space continues the brand’s concept of customer service in terms of functions. It has specially set up a professional contracted repair center and VIP lounge area, which is very user-friendly. The store adopts the radar’s consistent modern and simple design style. From the black and white watch display cabinet to the simple main visual image with the product as the main body, the radar table ‘product is the protagonist’ concept is highlighted.

 Elegant Huang Yi wears radar watch silver diamond super diamond watch

 Half a century ago, Swiss radars were the inventors of hard-to-wear watches. Today, people from all over the world have linked the name of the radar watch to unparalleled classic design and extremely comfortable wearing. It provides the world’s most perfect watch-with a hard-wearing case, rugged performance and beautiful shape. When other brands are still making watches with general materials such as gold, silver, and steel, radar watches have selected advanced materials, such as hard metal, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, high-tech lanthanum, or high-tech diamonds Materials for watch manufacturing. The design of the Swiss radar watch has a distinctive personality, smooth lines, and a strong sense of modernity and innovation. ‘What we admire is not a season or a year of popularity, because it is too short. We bring a long-lasting classic beauty that can withstand the test of time just like our materials.’ —— Radar Global President Roland Streule always describes the design pursuit of radar meters.

 Swiss Rado Henri World Watch Center Xi’an
 This is the perfect interpretation of the Rado brand concept: ‘The success of Rado depends on and will continue to rely on the philosophy behind its brand: pioneering spirit, coherent decision-making and people-oriented.’ Dr. Paul Lüthi, founder of Rado . Today, adhering to this extraordinary conviction, radar watch has become the most successful luxury watch brand in China and even in the world!