The New Roger Dubuis Rocali Dubuis Excalibur Series Of Timepieces Light Up The Best City Life Style

In 2015, Roger Dubuis upgraded the equipment for business elite customers. The brand-new watch of its Excalibur King series provided new weapons for modern urban warriors with bronze and steel.

Excalibur Skeleton Automatic Skeleton Automatic Rose Watch

New Excalibur Automatic with bronze dial
   From morning to night, the new rose gold Excalibur Skeleton Automatic skeletonized watch with artistic style embedded in the apparent armor style, with a newly designed rose gold and tanned leather, showing a warmth. With its simple lines and prominent star-shaped structure, this watch perfectly complements the masculinity of men’s after-shave, straight shirts, tailored suits or elegant vests, adding a touch of fashion to it.
   Whether for professional or private occasions, this model is the most indispensable and elegant accessory for people who love mechanical timepieces. Accompanied by such a watch with superb quality and bold design, even in a busy day , Can also show the best state of style.
   Urban Warfare will begin a day of war while enjoying coffee and croissants. Like leather (briefcase) and Roman numerals (wristwatches) in old world, milk coffee, and newspapers that make people aware of the world at a glance, the 188 limited edition Excalibur Automatic watch with bronze dial also allows Bronze in the past and today’s shopping malls will bravely go together for battle. Whether it is securities or commodities, advertising or marketing, sales, or rocket science, no matter what day it is, from dawn to dusk, everyone in the city strives to be at the forefront of the game and show elegance as much as possible.

Excalibur Chronograph with blue dial
   The urban battle between the airport VIP room and the gallop car will be carefully dressed to achieve success. The stainless steel Excalibur Chronograph with blue dial brings him unique style and perfect performance, winning speed and victory in every aspect.
   The Excalibur Chronograph is made of bright stainless steel and bold shapes, which provides people who love mechanical timepieces with outstanding quality and original creativity, and expresses the spirit of sports vigorously.
   The Excalibur Automatic watch with a bronze dial is polished and polished to give off the same brilliance as the shield in the hands of a heroic knight who defends the land of Arthur’s Kingdom, and is carved like a bronze medal. Like a gallop car, elegant beauties, and a stylish restaurant, this watch appears on the refined list of modern weapons for urban warlords. This is an innovative work specially developed for the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis. It shows the eye-catching and sometimes unscrupulous artistic expression in the world of the brand, which is extremely vivid and attractive in the morning, noon or night.

First Excalibur Automatic Skeleton Automatic Skeleton Watch with Rose Gold and Diamonds
   This is an innovative work specially developed for the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis. It shows the eye-catching and sometimes unscrupulous artistic expression in the world of the brand. It is extremely vivid and attractive in the morning, noon or night …
   All Roger Dubuis timepieces are certified by the Geneva Seal, symbolizing the pinnacle of fine watchmaking and superb quality. The first Automatic Skeleton automatic skeletonized watch from its Geneva watch factory is a perfect companion for leisure. Tan gold’s warm tones complement the tanned leather … these beautiful things with slight differences and extreme quality complement each other.
   At nightfall, our mature warriors are still equipped with this exquisite timepiece to walk around the city. Its stylish leather combines new and subtle ergonomics, and rose gold is accompanied by brilliant diamonds. Roger Dubuis, the pioneer of fine watchmaking and the pioneer of contemporary skeletonizing technology, has brought the exquisite ergonomics and minimalist lines of his Excalibur Flying Tourbillon Skeleton skeletonized watch to a whole new level, with diamond-set models Come and have a happy party time. This watch is an indispensable timepiece for any man with a mission.

Pink gold Excalibur Flying Tourbillon Skeleton skeleton tourbillon watch
   Roger Dubuis’s latest watch from the Excalibur series offers a spectacular alternative to the brand’s typical timepieces. Nevertheless, they are still synonymous with hollow design and first-class movements, and have the classic styling features of the Excalibur King series. This series of exquisite works adds glory to the extraordinary world of the Geneva watch factory, and also provides men with a truly outstanding timepiece for men who want to enhance their competitive advantage, making them outstanding on and off the job. Incomparable.