Underwater Legend Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Diving Watch

In the 1950s, Jean-Jacques, then CEO of Pore, was passionate about diving
Based on his experience and needs in daily diving, Mr. Fiechter set out to create a reliable, tough and strong diving watch that can accompany him to explore the charming ocean. In 1952, the first modern diving watch was born. This watch was named ‘Fifty Fathoms’. Under the conditions of the air compression technology at that time, the Fifty Fathoms was considered to be the extreme depth that divers can dive.

   At the same time, in the 1950s, two French officers, Colonel Robert Bob Marubier and Lieutenant Claude Rift, were commissioned to create the Frogman Dive Commando, and watches were a must-have for divers. one. They searched the Paris market and tested the diving watches they found, but they were far from meeting their requirements, and the situation was not optimistic. French officer with Jahan-
After Jacques Fichte met in Switzerland, they took their fifty-five watches for testing. The test was extremely successful, and the Fifty Fathoms became the standard equipment of the French Navy.
   In 1953, this Fifty Fathom was released and became the first modern diving watch. Since its birth, it has many leading advantages including safety, reliability, ruggedness, readability, anti-magnetism and aesthetics. It is the founder and founder of modern diving watches.
Fifty Fathoms entered the world stage and became multi-national naval equipment

   The 6-point humidity indicator on the dial is a newly added design in response to the common requirements of France and the US Navy. If moisture penetrates the watch, the small dial at 6 o’clock on the dial will change from blue to red to alert the wearer.
   The requirements of the US Navy for watch specifications and functions were so demanding that no watchmaker in the United States could meet its requirements. At that time, Blancpain could not supply products directly to the US Navy, because one of the latter requirements was that the supplier must be a US-based company. A diamond trader in the United States, Torneck, opened a small test laboratory in the United States so that the watch can be tested and certified in the United States to obtain supplier qualification. Torneck has successfully signed a supply contract with Blancpain. Therefore, the well-known ‘Milspec
1 ‘Fifty Fathoms was born as a US Navy diving watch. The US Navy’s first order totaled 611 pieces.

   Later, ‘Milspec
The 2 ”version of the Fifty Fathoms was launched. This watch is extremely limited in number and the design purpose requires antimagnetic. This means that the magnetizable materials used in the watch must be reduced to an absolute minimum to avoid its magnetization. Trigger mechanisms such as bombs and torpedoes. Milspec
The second edition of the watch is designed to carry out secret operations. The painted matte case minimizes the risk of reflection, which perfectly fits its mission requirements. This ultimate watch designed for military diving has been called ‘milspec’ by some people. Its production is very limited. Only 780 pieces were produced for the US Navy in 1964. Subsequently, about 300 pieces were produced in 1966 . In the diving watch industry, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has cooperated with multinational military forces, and is the only modern diving watch that has actually experienced practical tests.
Tried and tested underwater warrior

   Multinational naval installations of Blancpain Fifty Yards include France, the United States, Germany, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. In its 50-century history, the Fifty Fathoms series not only represents the first modern diving watch, but also the standard model of the watch industry for diving watches. These watches also include early diving forces. Development history and the pioneering cause of the French Navy.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

   In order to trace the past and commemorate the classic elements, Blancpain launched the Fifty Fathoms Radiation Reproduction Watch, whose English name is Tribute to Fifty
Fathoms is a ‘tribute to the classic fifty-foot watch’. The timepiece follows the shape of the 50’s diving watch in the 1960s and is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.