Vacheron Constantin Loft Artisan Customized Service

As the saying goes, nothing matters, nothing is perfect. Have you ever regretted your favorite watch: good design, but no dual time zone function; if you can switch to platinum, it is invincible. Today, we introduce the Vacheron Constantin Loft Artisan Customization Service, which will provide you with all the personalized watch customization services.

的 The art of cabinotiers

From the 11th century, the first goldsmith to make Geneva famous was the goldsmith. Since then, their exquisite work has been favored by European royalty. Inspired by this technique, engravers and enamelers quickly established their own powerful trade associations. As a result, watchmakers, diamond cutters, engravers and bracelet makers flooded into Saint-Gervais, the oldest city on the banks of the Rhone in Geneva. After 1650, the number of watchmakers exceeded the number of goldsmiths, and watchmaking became a pillar industry in Geneva.

However, the Saint-Gervais area surrounded by the city walls is all narrow and dark streets. In order to make better use of the midday sun, artisans like to set up workshops on the top floor of the building. These workshops are usually narrow and crowded, sometimes built directly in the attic, with narrow windows lined up densely. The works born here have won a stable reputation for their outstanding quality. Soon, these workshops were called ‘attices’ (closets), and their owners were called attic artisans. These trained attic artisans consider themselves not part of the artisan class, but the nobles of the artisans, or more like a group of artists, have received considerable education and training. In this way, for centuries, daily life, economic and social life in Geneva have left the artistic imprint of the attic artisans in the Saint-Gervais region.

Top distinguished personalised services

In order to reproduce the original intention and charm of 18th century Geneva timepieces, that is, based on mutual communication and creativity, and to meet the growing needs of enthusiastic collectors, Vacheron Constantin launched in 2006 ‘Special Orders for Loft Craftsmen Service. ‘ This service inherits this tradition. Whether it is the ultimate complex requirements or poetic time expression, or the machine-engraved pattern or enamel dial, whether it is Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, whether it is the center second hand or chronograph function, any watch enthusiast expects the features Can be realized. Next, whether the watch is carefully tasted or kept as a secret collection is left to the guests. Either way, this is a very happy thing.

Here, there is no series, no physical products, no product catalog, only a pair of ears to listen to the needs of customers. Everything begins with the story of a custom-made watch that has never been made public. A historical connoisseur requested that a master’s oil painting be reproduced on the dial with a ‘high-temperature open flame’ painted enamel technique; a poetry lover wanted to add a magnificent bell sound to his watch and only on his lover’s birthday each year The time is only once; there is also a watch enthusiast with complex functions who dreams of having a mechanical masterpiece that has never been tried before.

All requirements, from the simplest to the most daring, need to be carefully evaluated by a special team of ‘attic craftsman special order service’. These requirements must be consistent with the watchmaking spirit of Vacheron Constantin in order to be passed.

Watch customization process

Customers can consult and order at Vacheron Constantin’s specialty stores or dealers’ sales stores. Vacheron Constantin promises that all custom-made watches are unique. This service is currently available at Vacheron Constantin’s global flagship store in Geneva and Vacheron Constantin House in Shanghai. After the Vacheron Constantin team responsible for this service confirmed the actual operation possibility after receiving the customer’s request, the staff will follow up with the customer to carry out the design and get the confirmation from the customer. After confirming the final design and relevant details, the guest signed a production contract with Vacheron Constantin and paid a certain deposit. After the contract is signed, guests can learn the current watch production progress through Vacheron Constantin’s online inquiry system and hotline consultation, as well as monthly progress reports. When the watch is completed, the guest delivers the balance and collects the watch.

Exclusive custom watch parts

Today, special customized services such as these are more systematic and professional than before. Customer participation is also more extensive. Basically, most watch components and structures can be customized according to customer requirements, including: the case; the movement and some of the watch’s complex functions and displays; dials, including the use of enamel technology Machine-engraved pattern watchmaking process; design dial overall style, hour scale and hands; strap.

 The production cycle required to order a watch (general refers to the complete cycle from order confirmation to delivery)

If you choose a slight adjustment and modification from the existing watch series: 6 months specially designed a watch using Vacheron Constantin’s existing movements and components: 12 months completely special design, including design, materials, Movements, components, accessories: the cycle depends on the requirements of different orders and the ease of production.

Minjiang Stanton Exclusive Tradition

Back at the beginning, Vacheron Constantin has encouraged watchmakers to create watches based on customer needs, making the design of the watch and the selection of functions and components take a lot of time. It turns out that spending time and effort is worth it, and guests’ needs and dreams for watches are likely to be realized. Collectors of Vacheron Constantin watches know this very well. For example, Henry Graves Jr., a well-known New York banker and watch connoisseur, is an example of Vacheron Constantin’s custom-made watches.

Two other notable figures, King Fouad of Egypt and his son King Farouk, are also keen to collect Vacheron Constantin’s unique watches. A story vividly tells their complexion of specially-made watches: In 1937, when the young Prince Farouk and his mother Queen Nazli visited Geneva, he was eager to visit the factory of Vacheron Constantin. Responsible Charles Constantin took the prince to the factory. While he was surprised by the prince’s extensive knowledge of watches, the prince revealed that he had taken apart many watches and studied how they worked. As early as 1934, during an official visit to Geneva, the city government gave him an exquisite watch made by Vacheron Constantin. There are 13 hands running on the dial: in addition to the regular hour, minute and second hands, there is a chronograph seconds hand, a 30-minute chronograph hand, a double chase chronograph hand, four hands that display the perpetual calendar and the alarm clock hand 3. Power display pointer and spring energy device. This watch also features a minute repeater and moon phase display, consisting of 820 components, including 55 gems.