Xu Jinglei Wore A Citizen Wrist To Show Herself In ‘china Talent Show’

Recently, Citizen brand spokesperson Xu Jinglei once again appeared in ‘China Talent Show’ as a dream observer. As the only woman among the four dream observers in this issue, Lao Xu’s naturally revealed intellectual and elegant temperament brought ‘Xu Xu Chunfeng’ to the show. In this issue, Xu Jinglei debuted in an off-white dress. Whether it is a simple cut or an elegant hue, it complements Xu’s intellectual elegance. The retro-styled ring between the flashing fingers and the earrings with full design sense also highlight the fashion taste of Lao Xu; while the Citizen Xinyue Travel Eco-Drive Global Multi-Wave Radio Control Women’s Watch EC2002-50D is worn as a whole The finishing touch. The rose-gold case strap and neutral natural mother-of-pearl dial are a perfect blend of modern fashion and retro style. Xu Jinglei exudes a feminine charm from the inside out.

     From shooting photobooks in Europe to study tours in the United States this year, from domestic awards to Japanese magazine cover shoots, for Lao Xu, a watch is not only an important accessory, but also her travel through different time zones at home and abroad. Intimate time housekeeper. ‘ It is understood that this watch worn by Xu Jinglei is the limited edition model EC2002-50D of Xu Jinglei launched by Citizen. It has global radio wave functions. Simply select the name of the city in your time zone and automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and proofread it. Time and date, so that the wearer can always have a good time. At the same time, this watch uses a light kinetic energy movement, as long as there is light, there is energy, which can effectively avoid the environmental pollution caused by waste batteries, which also reflects Lao Xu’s attitude to environmental protection.
     In the program, Xu Jinglei’s candid and funny comments were also praised by the audience. Just as Xu Jinglei said in an interview: ‘I haven’t set any style for myself, and the reviews are real thoughts. I hope that the audience can see the most authentic side of me.’ It is also because Xu Jinglei is both internal and external The personality traits of the sincere self are in line with the brand connotation of Citizen’s wise, calm and enterprising, which has promoted the two sides to work together so far. In the future, I believe that through the stage of the talent show, more and more people can enjoy the unique charm and style of Lao Xu.